The Dirty Dozen 2016

The Dirty Dozen is an event like none other. This event challenges riders to get out of their comfort zone and climb 13 hills that are so steep that even a car would struggle to get up them. 



The Dirty Dozen will be held in Warburton, a town which lies at the base of Mount Donna Buang in the Yarra Valley. The Dirty Dozen is guaranteed to be hard, and not for the feint hearted. Here’s some tips on how to survive.

What’s in store this year?

This is the second year the Dirty Dozen will be held in Warburton. Last year saw near perfect conditions and the event was a huge success. Riders were introduced to mixture of 13 sealed and unsealed climbs which left quite a few lasting memories.


This year the course is very similar to the 2015 course with the inclusion of two new climbs:

1. Yuonga Road is super steep, and runs off the Mount Donnua Buang Tourist Road. This is the longest climb of the event and the first 1.3km is sealed and takes you up to the O’Shannassy’s Aqueduct car park. The tip to surviving this climb is to pace yourself up this first part and save some legs as the road turns to loose gravel and let’s just say there will be a number of riders walking up this one……

2. Hooks Road runs off the Warburton Highway, and when you hit the base of this climb its ok to curse. The road goes skyward peaking at 26% & for a climb which is little over 300 metres in length it’s not a good sign that the roads so steep that you can’t see the top. Take care on the descent as this is quite a narrow road & there will be a number of riders using the whole road to deliver the mail up this one.

The Dirty Dozen is an event for the climbers. If you’re daunted by the steepness of the climbs, how will you ever know if you never go? The great thing with an event like this is that it introduces riders to a world of new climbing, and helps to make riders believe they can climb. Trust me, if you can get up these 13 beauties you can pretty much get up anything.

So how will you survive?

  • Travel light
  • Choose appropriate tyres for the gravel sections
  • If you’re not riding a compact, seriously consider investing in one. You’re gonna need it!
  • Bring plenty of fluids


If hills aren't your thing; go back to Beach Road

Suck it up Princess! At times your body will be screaming out ‘no more’, but we can assure you it hurts more (especially your pride) if you have to get off  and walk

Drop the odd curse word here and there

Save something in reserve for the last climb up Martyr Road. It's a doozy!

The climbs (click on the links for climb profiles):

1. Madeline Street/Croom Street; 400m @ 17% (unsealed)

2. Brett Road; 700m @ 13% (sealed)

3. Brisbane Hill Road; 500m @ 14% (sealed)

4. Yuonga Road; 1.3km @ 10% (sealed/unsealed)

5. Ferntree Avenue/Brides Avenue; 1.3km @ 9.7% (unsealed)

6. Leila Road/Story Road; 800m @ 14% (unsealed)

7. Milners Gap (south-east side); 5km @ 7% (sealed)

8. Milners Gap (south-west side); 6km @ 7% (sealed)

9. Dee Road; 1.6km @ 9.3% (sealed)

10. McKenzie King Drive; 900m @ 9.1% (sealed)

11. Hooks Road; 300 metres @ 20%

12. Surrey Road/Kent Street/Sussex Street; 1.5km @ 8.3% (unsealed)

13. Martyr Road; 300m @ 20% (sealed)


Speical note:

There is limited parking around the township of Warburton. I’d recommend you park your car at any of the towns along the Warburton Highway & ride into Warburton.

For a scenic trip we advise to take the Lilydale Warburton Trail.

For event details & tickets head to the Climbing Cyclist

See you on the day!