Lilydale-Warburton Trail

Here at La Velocita we love to ride, and today Brendan Edwards is profiling one of the most popular rail trails in Victoria the Lilydale-Warburton Trail.

Works and Images - Brendan Edwards


You’re taking a trip back in time when you ride down the Lilydale Warburton Rail Trail.  The track follows the old Warburton Railway line, originally built in 1901 and closed down in 1965.  The trail runs a distance of 40km between Lilydale and Warburton and passes through the beautiful Yarra Valley offering stunning scenery throughout.


The trail is well maintained, there’s a number of bridge crossings along the trail and several can be quite bumpy, so go carefully.  The full trail is 80km return, however you can start or finish at a number of points. This is a great ride to do all year around, and there are pleanty of great places to eat at along the way.


This is an incredible ride for riders al almost any level. It’s easily one of the most stunning Rail Trails that we have ridden in Victoria. 

The great thing with this trail is that it can be ridden on any type of bike, including a road bike, and the trail is fairly flat. There’s a few gentle climbs along the way that most people shoe be able to get over no trouble at all.  We found the track is wide enough to easily overtake others, and is one of those rides that you can sit back and really appreciate the scenery.


 Lilydale to Warburton

Warburton to Lilydale

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