Beach Road Melbourne - Victoria

This week we are talking about Beach Road in Melbourne.

Almost all road cyclists have had a least one ride on Beach Road.  It’s a road that polarises people.  It's seen as a cycling mecca by many, with its long wide sections, minimal traffic lights, views, a couple of hills and some good coffee shops.

Beach Road sees all types of riders, new riders finding their way through to pro riders, young and old, small groups through to massive groups, you will see clubs like TKM - The Kings Men, the 6amers, shop rides and more and of course the somewhat infamous Hell Ride. 

Beach Road, St Kilda, Elwood, Brighton, Sandringham…. Black Rock, Mordialoc, Edithvale, Carrum, on to Frankston, Mount Eliza and Mornington, and if you are feeling strong down to Arthers Seat or onto Portsea.  The full out and back is around 200km give or take and provides a few hills and plenty of time on the flat to get some Ks in the legs.  There’s the option to turn around at any point and many people opt for the Melbourne Mordialoc return.

Here are some tips to keep you in the clear on Beach Road

Groups. If you are not used to riding in a group don’t try and get involved with a big group (or any group). You can best learn this valuable skill by riding with a little as one other person on a quieter road. If you like riding in groups try and ride with people you know and know the rules of riding in a group.

It’s not a race.  If people speed past you resist the urge to hang onto their back wheel. If people are building up behind you and you are not comfortable it’s fine to wave them past or stop in a side street for a second to let them past and give you some clear road.

Give space. If you are quick and in a group give some space and consideration to singles or new riders, remember you were new to riding once.

Concentrate. Stay left, ride in a straight line, concentrate on what you are doing and avoid sudden braking.

Indicate. Moving left or right, passing, stopping, slowing, glass on the road.

Respect. Traffic lights, road rules and other riders.  We all love to ride, in a busy cycling environment like Beach Road a little consideration for other cyclists and respect for cars goes a long way and keeps negative headline away from the cycling world.

At La Velocita we choose Beach Road sometimes.  As cycling has increased in popularity in Melbourne the number of cyclists using Beach Road in the week and particularly on the weekend has skyrocketed.  We Love to see lots of people on their bikes, but have seen too many crashes, too many close calls, too much rider rage and aggravated car drivers for Beach road to even come close to a favourite ride for us.

Where - Melbourne to the Melbourne to Portsea

Terrain - Mainly flat with a couple of hills past Frankston

Roads - All good quality, majority 2-lane

Distance - Full loop 180km / St Kilda to Frankston return 75km / St Kilda to Mordialloc return 46km 

Coffee - Cafe Racer - 15 Marine Parade, St Kilda / Baker D. Chirico 149 Fitzroy St, St Kilda