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La Velocita’s Mike Boudrie caught up with Dylan Reynolds to get the low down on Ride & Seek… One thing that shone through was that Dylan is not just running a tour company, he loves riding and he want’s to share amazing cycling experiences with others.

Tells us about Ride & Seek…

We actually started running tours back in 1998 for a large operator that focused on the US market. 5 years ago we broke away and started Ride & Seek with the core philosophy that riding a bike is simply the best way to travel and see the world.

We research and scout our diverse destinations to track down the best roads and routes, meet the locals, experience the gastronomy and culture, look at the historical elements and bring all of them together to make sure our tours provide an immersive experience for our riders.

We offer two distinct tour formats - Local and Epic.  

  • Local adventures are geared to all levels of cyclist and explore a region in depth with few hotel changes. 
  • Epic adventures on the other hand are more journey focussed and follow in the footsteps of a historical figure and involve longer distances and daily hotel changes.

What’s different about a Ride & Seek tour?

Our unique niche would be the historical context we provide particularly with regards to the Epic adventures that follow in the footsteps of a historical figure – Hannibal, Napoleon and Caesar for example. 

Other elements we also use Garmin GPS units to show you the way, provide character accommodation, small group sizes, top end bike hire options, great food and wine, and an attempt to always find the road less travelled. 

You can find out more about the Ride & Seek difference here

Where can I travel to with Ride & Seek

Our Epic adventures are both very much multi regional – Napoleon for example covers 7 countries. The Local adventures on the other hand are generally mono-regional. The focus of our tours is very much in Europe but we also have itineraries in Australia, Asia and Hawaii.

You can check out more about Ride & Seek in the La Velocita brand pages.

Where do you stay?

Our accommodation includes monasteries, castles and farm stays. We work of the premise of finding accommodation that reflects the places through which we travel. 

We always lean towards family run over generic chains. We are all about finding places with ‘character’ while making sure that we seek the best available option from a quality perspective.

How long do your tours run for?

We have a wide range of tour options, the longest is the Napoleon tour (LINK http://www.lavelocita.cc/ride-and-seek-napoleon) - 6 weeks long and covers 4,500km. There’s the option to complete it in one go, or in separate 2 week stages. 

Our Local adventures are typically one week long and take in various locations including Italy, France, Vietnam, and Australia.

How much do Ride & Seek tours cost?

Rode & Seek tours cost around the €300 a day and are pretty much all-inclusive from the moment you join us. The obvious exclusions are the wine kitty (not everyone wants to drink) and on the Epic adventures the bike hire since many people prefer to bring their own. Bike hire is included in the price for the Local adventures.


“This was undoubtable the greatest week on a bike of my cycling life. Stunning landscapes, great people, great food, and most importantly some monumental climbs. As a cyclist and a photographer I was in heaven from the day I arrived in Vietnam till the day I left. Bring good tyres, good wheels, strong legs and an open mind and you will have a blast.”

“Sam and Dylan had obviously put a lot of time and effort into researching and organising the Hannibal Epic. The detail in the planning is obvious from the start and resulted in a magnificent experience every day. The hotels, restaurants, routes, lunch stops including several picnics, coffee breaks and extras such as wine tastings and farmhouse meals were superb. ”

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Where can we get more information

Visit the Ride & Seek website - www.rideandseek.com

Or email Ride & Seek - info@rideandseek.com

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