Victorian CX Series Round 2 & 3 photo gallery

Words & Images by Lana Adams

Over the June long weekend, 4 of my Treadly CX teammates and some extra pals joined me in travelling to Bright, Victoria to race in rounds 2 & 3 of the Victorian CX Series. It was cold, muddy and some of the most fun I’ve had on my CX bike. The courses were tough, the racing was tough, and the clean up was tough!

I finished up the weekend learning a few important things:

  • Never forget spare socks. Wearing your mud soaked socks and shoes for 2 hours after your race in 12 degree weather isn’t fun. As proven by my current cold.
  • CX is all about adapting - when the conditions worsen and your line of choice disappears you just have to run with it (and in this case, literally just run).
  • Victorians love to heckle. I love to heckle! Watching CX is just as fun, if not more, as racing it.
  • Never succumb to strangers yelling at you to “ride it” when ‘it’ is a knee deep mud creek.
  • Even national champions races can be ended by a mechanical, and by mechanical I mean bending your front wheel in half trying to ride the above mentioned ‘it’.
  • Next year I’m staying longer. 10 hours of driving after 2 days of racing is ROUGH. 

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