The Weekly Rider - Daniel Christiansz
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Daniel Christiansz is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! We love how Daniel tells us cycling 'contributes to a better world'. We could not have put it any better. Get out their and enjoy the journey.

Words - Daniel Christiansz     Images - Brendan Edwards

Name - Daniel Christiansz

Lives - Mullum Mullum Trail (Mitcham)

Dream bike - Any bike that comes with a good set of legs

Favorite local ride - By far my favourite local ride is Park Orchards and Warrandyte. Even in peak hour, there is something serene about the narrow, winding, hilly roads.

My current cycling goal is .... a 50% Everest by New Years Eve - 4,424 climbing meters within one ride.

When I am on the bike I... feel great. There are so many benefits to riding. Riding is not just beneficial to my health and fitness, but it also contributes to a better world.

Every time you commute by bicycle you remove pressure from our health system, you help fight climate change, you decrease our dependency on conflict-prone foreign oil, and you vote for a better world.

How did your love for bikes come about? I first started to enjoy bike riding through participating in the Great Victorian Bike Ride when I was in year 8 of high school. I find it hard to believe that I road 500kms on a ‘K-Mart grade’ bike. But I did it, and I loved it.

Share a cycling memory - One of my favourite memories was completing around the bay in a day in 2014. About 120km in, my legs turned to jelly. Yet I still managed, with the help of my mate Andy Chow, to ride the full 210km. Cycling is not just about physical endurance, but about mental endurance and mindfulness. Challenging rides train not just your body but your mind as well.

I love to ride because...  I love to explore. Road cycling is the ultimate exploration sport. Even if you’ve driven somewhere one hundred times, you have not experienced it until the journey becomes part of the desitionation. While you’re cycling, you’re always arrived. There’s no dull wait for your destination, because you are experiencing the destination as you travel. 

La Velocita.