The weekly rider - Daniel Watts

Calling all riders.  La Velocita is looking for people  to share their cycling stories with us.... where you ride, why you ride, about your bike and more.  

Today we are talking to Daniel Watts.  Wattsy can be seen most Saturday mornings sampling delights and fine coffee at Baker D. Chirico in St Kilda before heading down beach road for a 100km+ 'spin'.  This well travelled and passionate cyclist loves getting out on the bike.

He is also the founder of AXIS Bikes, supplier of road and track frames to some of Melbourne's up and coming riding talent.  

Name: Daniel Watts aka Wattsy

Lives: Hipsterville (Abbotsford)

Dream bike: Passoni XXTi

Favourite local ride: lazy role down beach road

My current cycling goal is: get back to health & race again

When I am on the bike I: rediscover my mojo

How did your love for bikes come about: wind in my hair, just like skiing. To keep fit between Aus & US ski seasons. Now I don't have hair 😡

Share a cycling memory: Rolling through the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Emerald Bay Road around the west coast of Lake Tahoe in spring. At 6000+ feet, snowbanks on either side of the road, sapphire blue water of Lake Tahoe always in view. A near perfect return ride where its pretty common to find pros. 

I’m now a social rider, but not a lot comes close.
— Daniel Watts

I love to ride because: I'd love to say “so I can smash my buddies”, but been a long time since the health has been good enough to do that. Now its all about holding that wheel! I'm now a social rider, but not a lot comes close.