24 Hours and 890km #GINN24


You can do a lot, or a little in 24 hours – How about doing something you will remember for the rest of your life?




I was lucky enough to cross paths with Drew Ginn and the members of 'Team Brevet' earlier this year when I was asked to cover their attempt at the Fleche Opperman 24 Hour Team Time Trial. The 'Oppy' involved pushing through 770km, not covering the same stretch of road twice, without rest. 

Since going through this experience, I've had the pleasure of riding with Team Brevet, and watching themselves set new challenges and inspire others to push their boundaries.

Glen O'Rourke is the driving force behind team Brevet and is now part of the team here at La Velocita. He knows Drew as well as anyone. Glen explains why Drew has chosen to take on this epic challenge of covering almost 900km in 24 hours, solo.


It all starts at 2pm on the Friday 27th of November in Brunswick, Melbourne.  Drew Ginn will set off on an emotional journey. The physical and mental battle will be almost impossible to imagine. Riding around a 315 metre track for 24 hours and covering more than 890.045 kms. When you tell people this they look at you in disbelief….How far? How fast will he go? Will he stop for a rest?  Perhaps more importantly what motivates someone to take on this kind of challenge?

Drew likes an extreme challenge and this experience is about being vulnerable and exposed.  It is so much what life is like.

His Mother died of cancer when he was a kid. It is tough to imagine how vulnerable and exposed you might feel in that situation. He is doing it for his Mum and family and friends impacted by cancer. He will no doubt reflect on her passing to help him get through the toughest moments and when the clock strikes 2 pm on Saturday he will have contributed in a big way by raising funds for the Tour de Cure charity.

Drew has got the physical capability to do this. If you have grovelled on a bunch when he is driving on the front you will know he has the engine for the job. He even gives you a “yep!” warning when he is about to turn up the heat and probably drop you. He is just built differently to most of us and I have seen him train for this with commitment and focus.

A genuinely good bloke with a heart of gold (and few Olympic medals of the same material) Drew knows life has its ups and downs and we want to help this 24hrs be as memorable as possible. Please get behind him by getting down to the track on the day or donate here. Or better still do both.

For the record he needs to travel more than 884.88 Kms that is an average speed of 37.092 km/h and no he won’t stop for a rest until 2pm on Saturday!


WHEN - 2pm Friday 27th of November 2015

WHERE - Brunswick Velodrome - Roberts Reserve, Harrison St, Brunswick East.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT - Visit the Tour de Cure Website here

Follow Drew on Instagram and hashtag #Ginn24