Is it time to register kangaroos?
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An Adelaide cyclist is calling for the mandatory registration of Kangaroos after a collision on Montacute Road on Saturday night, La Velocita can exclusively reveal.

Words - James Raison

Mr Bugiardo, 42, of St Peters was riding his bike down Montacute Road when, he alleges a rogue kangaroo jumped into the side of him.

Mr Bugiardo explained;  “this arrogant kangaroo came out of nowhere and just ploughed into the side of me. Those things are dangerous. They’re basically bowling balls on springs. How long before one causes a fatality?”

The kangaroo then fled the scene of the accident, leaving Mr Bugiardo lying injured on the road where he was found by a good Samaritan, Mary Semplice.

Ms Semplice, 50, of Newton could “barely believe what I was seeing. This roo just acting like he owned the road. It’s about time we make these animals registered. When will people learn that the road is no place for kangaroos?”

A spokesman from the Adelaide Zoo, who wants to remain anonymous, feels that a kangaroo identification system would be: “Very difficult. Logistically, fitting a licence plate to a kangaroo would pose too many challenges. I would support a mandatory identification system. They already have pouches, so there’s nothing stopping them from carrying ID at all times.”

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The Motor Accident Commission believes that bringing kangaroo fines to parity with motorists could help improve their behaviour on the road. They made a statement that: “Higher fines would make Kangaroos think twice before breaking any of the road rules. We would also like to remind kangaroos of their responsibilities on the road. Don’t forget that bells are mandatory for all kangaroos, and lights should always be used at night.”

The incident has been a hot topic on local talkback radio. Callers have vented their frustration at a perceived lack of accountability for kangaroos. Some have slammed local kangaroos for using the road two-abreast, making overtaking very difficult.

An online petition on is calling for legislation to make kangaroos where hi-visibility clothing at all times. The petition states that: “kangaroos intentionally wear dangerously dark fur. They should be VISIBLE at all times to protect other road users.”

Kangaroos have been a hot topic on social media. New anti-kangaroo Facebook groups are appearing daily, including: “Make Kangaroos Pay For Kangaroo Lanes” and “Make Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Again” attracting thousands of members.

The State Government is calling for calm, with the Premier’s Office releasing a statement saying “All road users, whether mammal or marsupial need to follow the road rules.”

Do you support kangaroo registration? Would it be safer if kangaroos wore hi-visibility fur? Let us know in the comments below. 

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