CadenZ Training simulator announced

California start-up Cadenz Training is taking a run at the cycling simulator market. It’s been described as “just like Zwift, but outside.”

Words - James Raison   Images - Mike Boudrie

A recent press release announced a new service named "CadenZ Training" that will see cyclists take their bikes off their trainers and onto real-world roads.

Product development manager Amy Lügner said:

"We are really excited by the potential of CadenZ Training. We've been conducting stringent user research and found many users would consider riding their bikes outside of their houses."

The new service was inspired by the ultra popular digital training software Zwift, that has seen its user base grow exponentially over the last couple of years.

Based in Long Beach, California, CadenZ is abuzz with excitement about their new product:

“The potential here is massive. Imagine riding your bike up the Alpe d’Huez, or Stelvio Pass. CadenZ Training makes that possible. You could even ride the Richmond Virginia World Championships road race course, just like in Zwift!”

Revolutionary - No equipment would be required to keep the bike on two wheels while riding.

Revolutionary - No equipment would be required to keep the bike on two wheels while riding.

There are a number of logistical problems that come with such a radical new product. Lügner explains:

"The biggest concern is safety. Zwift sessions are currently run on a stationary bike, but CadenZ Training users would need to 'balance' their bicycles while maintaining forward momentum. There may also be some unfamiliarity with operating handlebars during the steering process. Also some users may not know to use brakes for deceleration so that’s a risk. Finally, home sickness. Riding bikes out of the home could cause emotional turmoil."

Once those teething problems have been worked out, a public beta test will be announced with some lucky users getting early access.

The company is keen to launch a user-driven social media campaign to support the launch, and encourage the community to use #CadenZTraining on their Instagram and Twitter posts. 

CadenZ Training is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017.

What's your view? Tell us if you'd be interested in CadenZ Training's 'real world' experience in the comments below.