Team Jaggad

Forget the Jaggad you knew. The triathlon focused brand is gone. What we have now is a new and exciting brand that is quickly making a name for itself in the Melbourne cycling scene.   

Given a new lease of life by its fresh owners, Jaggad is producing some great looking cycling kit that’s a little bit different to anything we have seen.

The Milk Bar

Jaggad has just opened their first retail store ‘The Milk Bar’.  Malachi Moxon, the man previously behind Northside Wheelers has done a great job with the store.  The location was previously a Milk Bar (hence the name). In creating a new space Malachi has managed to keep the ‘vibe’ of the place alive.


The Milk Bar sits nicely in the strip of shops at 109 Brighton Road, Elwood.  It is low key and unassuming, with a real welcoming feel.  

Be warned, this store is not like other bike shops or sports wear stores. It has got the cycling kit, men and women’s lifestyle wear, but also has a range great books, skin products, socks and a great collection of vintage bikes and jerseys.  The shop is well worth a look.


Jaggad Cyclng Kit

Jaggad cycling kits are designed to be classic, stylish but above all durable products for the bike. With Malachi Moxon looking after the design expect to see some great looking kits from Jaggad.  The range we looked at have a very simple and classic feel to them.  We liked the way that Jaggad has gone with the same designs in mens and women’s cuts.


Jaggad has also bought merino wool into their range for jerseys, this great material, has been used in their ‘milk bar’ jersey. We're currently testing the Jaggad Milk Bar kit so watch this space for the review.

Marino is a great natural fibre.  At La Velocita we like it as it is generally cool in summer and dry in winter. It has a natural UV protection that is perfect for cycling kit, is lightweight and resistant to odour and wicks moisture away from the skin effectively.

We spent some time chatting with the guys at The Milk Bar…

What are Jaggad products all about?

Our products are designed to support the everyday lifestyle. With a #lifeathletic focus, Jaggad produces a range of great gear that is designed to be stylish and comfortable, for use in a range of activities. Our men’s and women’s lifestyle and yoga range are made to provide our customers with high quality, comfortable garments that are stylish in design.  


Tell us how you design your range…

All our product designs are done in house at The Milk Bar. Our designs are inspired from all walks of fashion, whether that be the current street style or the iconic designs of years past that we can put our own modern spin on. 

Jaggad offer a ‘pro’ and ‘classic’ cut, there are enough Jaggad products for every shape and size, moreover, we don’t discriminate in our colour or designs as we seek a stylish design and fit. We are there to help out the most experienced cyclists to those who are just starting off for the first time and everyone in between.


What you are working on now?

We are currently developing a couple more summer short sleeve cycle jerseys for the backend of summer, while also working on a trio of cycle-specific socks and a merino athletic sock. 

We’re also finalising our winter range that includes a ¾ bib knick and a merino wool long sleeve jersey. 

Who does Jaggad support?

We have two cycle teams on the road at the moment that we are proudly supporting. The Jaggad Collective is our women’s team that ‘cycle, race and laugh. Usually all at the same time’. 

While the Stay True Racing team led by our own Malachi Moxon continue to do great things on and off the road. 

We similarly support a wide range of athletes, professional Athletes Koen de Kort, Annabel Luxford and Peter Kerr to the numerous weekend warriors that we call our ambassadors. 


What’s should we be looking out for from Jaggad?

We’re looking towards developing our merino wool range for both summer and winter products. The quality of the products we are putting into production is incredible across the board. There are bigger and better things to come for Jaggad!

Check out Jaggad at:

The Milk bar - 109 Brighton Road, Elwood

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