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There's a new cycling magazine on the block. It's a different kind of publication and we love it.  Armed with an idea, a passion for bikes this Melbourne based trio have created something special.  It's called 'Melbourne Whip'. Do yourself a favour and go and get a copy.

'Melbourne Whip' is a small community-centric magazine filled with the bicycles and people from Melbourne. There’s a love behind them, whether you’re drawn to pure functionality, design or a combo of both, some hard work goes into these beasts and makes them our own.

Melbourne Whip is about showing them off.

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La Velocita has been talking with the Melboure Whip creator Kip Jordon to find out what it's all about.

What's the idea behind Melbourne Whip?

I had the idea of doing a small little zine/coffee table book of spotted bikes/people around Melbourne. Kind of half in the style of Treadlie's street section and half like Humans of New York - but mostly... I wanted to focus on the stories behind people's whips.

Why bikes?

Almost everywhere I ride in Melbourne I either see a special bike or a bike that is clearly loved and ridden often.

They were constantly catching my eye and maybe even distracting me from the road while I was riding. I just wanted to hear the stories behind them, and every time I did, they never failed to interest me.

So I figured I'd do it, for the hell of it. Put some skills to use and push out something real. Started by going around and asking people if they'd be interested in having it in store... and once I had somewhere to put it, I went about asking people if they'd like to get themselves and their bike included. 

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Where can people get ahold of a copy of Melbourne Whip?

You can pick up a copy at Jetnikoff, Saint Cloud and Tekin Cycles (details below).

How's it all going so far?

The response has been great, far better than I anticipated! There's enough content to fill an edition a month, but we're just taking it slow.

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The pictures are awesome, who are you photographers?

I've been lucky enough to be joined by Andy Rogers and Caz Whitehead (@fameandspear & @caztheturtle) who are amazing photographers. 


When's the next issue of Melbourne Whip out?

We're really looking forward to pushing out the next edition, "Issue 1" in February 2015! Hopefully there'll be a launch party of sorts :)

You can still grab a copy of issue 0 at the following stores. 

Jetnikoff Bicycle Co - 32 Union Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Tekin Cycles - 18 Eastment Street, Northcote VIC 3070

Saint Cloud - 73 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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