Pedla Test Garments

We are really excited to be wearing one of Pedla's Test Garments.  Test Garment 005 or TG005 is designed for hot weather riding, and with temperatures in the 40's we've been putting TG005 through its paces.

We've been speaking with the guys at Pedla to better understand the process each garment goes through before going into production. The Test Garment concept run by Pedla is all about getting the design the best it can be before going to market.

Basically every product Pedla produces starts its life as a test garment. Each garment undergoes testing by a number of 'test pilots' (including La Velocita) who wear the test garments and then provide Pedla with feedback. Pedla's focus is to gain as much information as possible. This allows them to understand what riders want and improve the final design before even thinking about introducing a garment into the market. 

Once Pedla are happy with the final design they start production.  Based on our experience, the result is some fantastic kit well worth checking out.  

TG005 is all about comfort in the heat.  The jersey is made from a brand new, super soft and lightweight material, also in a first for Pedla they are testing an extended sleeve length.

We've tested TG005 in a range of conditions, cool morning starts through to a tough 41 degree day on the dirt back roads of Victoria's Western District.  Overall TG005 has done a great job, the longer arms are super comfortable, the material wicks and breaths well and the material feels great when not wearing a base layer.  

Our size medium was a perfect fit for our 188cm/79kg tester.  

We'll let you know if The Pedla deems this jersey worthy of full production!  Watch this space!