Polar V650 Cycle Computer

Polar’s newest computer the V650 is due out in Australia on 1st of April 2015. We are pretty excited about getting our hands on it to see how it shapes up.

From what we have seen so far the Finnish company has made something that looks really good and packs a few interesting features.

Data fields on the V650 include speed, distance, real time VAM, incline/decline, cadence and altitude (via a built-in barometric pressure sensor) you can also use the V650 for route guidance.

 You can also customise screens and create different bike profiles. Polar is also touting Smart Coaching features on the V650 for session guidance and feedback.

Some of the top features we are going to be testing out include:

  • Measurement of ECG accurate heart rate
  • Touch screen with colour display
  • Up to 12 hours operational time with GPS and Bluetooth sensors activated
  • Integrated GPS functions such as speed, distance, location, back-to-start and route tracking in Polar Flow service
  • Altitude (barometer), ascent/descent, inclinometer, real time VAM (mean ascent velocity) plus altitude compensated kcal
  • Seamlessly syncs to the Polar Flow web portal for immediate analysis of your ride. 

The V650 is also compatible with Polar’s Bluetooth Smart Cadence Sensor (RRP $79) and as of 1st May, Keo LOOK Power Pedals (RRP $2,499).

We are keen to see how  well the V650 with a Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor.  It’s going to be interesting to see if there are any health and fitness benefits of training at different intensities.  In theory this data will enable us to find out how training affects our body and see how long it takes to recover and be ready to train again.

Watch this space for our detailed review in April 2015.

Out from the 1st of April 2015

RRP - $449

Key Polar V650 Specifications

  • Fully customizable data fields
  • Integrated GPS to track all cycling activity for speed, distance, location and route
  • Built-in barometric pressure sensor for accurate altitude, ascent/descent, incline, temperature and real-time VAM (ascent velocity)
  • Future-proof software for latest upgrade features
  • Also the ability to add speed and cadence sensors
  • Accurately calculates personal calories, taking into account gender and age with HR monitor