Road Rash Kit

If you ride for long enough it's an unfortunate reality that you may end up on the road at some point. We have.

Road Rash Kit is there for you when it happens.  This super compact and lightweight pack contains the critical first aid kit to make sure you can patch yourself, or someone else up.

Words - Mike Boudrie

Every now and then we see something that is such a great idea that we wish that we had come up with it ourselves.  That's exactly what happened when we came across the 'Road Rash Kit'. We really like what these local Melbourne guys have come up with, it's a useful bit of kit for any cyclist to carry.

At only 40 grams the Road Rash Kit is designed to neatly fit into a jersey pocket while leaving room for your other essentials. The kit contains a range of waterproof dressings, band aids and the other essentials you'll need after a crash.

At La Velocita, we think this is an essential bit of kit, especially if you are out riding where medical attention can be al long way away.  We do't go anywhere without ours!

To get your hands on one of these kits head to


Kit dimensions: 18cm x 12cm (fits regular rear jersey pockets)

Kit weight: 40g (for all the weight weenies..)

Contents summary: 

  • Transparent waterproof dressings (diff sizes)
  • Non adherent dressing
  • Gauze swab
  • Skin wipe & antiseptic cream
  • Bandaids/skin closures
  • Pce of tubular surgi-grip to hold dressings in place

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