Shimano Wireless Unit for Di2

Shimano Australia has sent us though their ‘Wireless Unit’ for Di2. This unit adds a new level of functionality, providing you with ‘hands free’ access to your bike computer and extra data.

La Velocita’s Mike Boudrie takes a closer look.


With the arrival of electronic shifting comes the inevitable add on options.  The Shimano Wireless Unit provides you with access to the Shimano D-Fly Data Management system.

The Wireless Unit is tiny and hardly registers on the scales at 4.5 grams. 

It uses the ANT+ wireless system letting you access gear position, battery life and other functions. This also allows your Di2 to talk to other ANT+ enabled products like the Shimano Sports Camera.

However, the thing we really like, is that it lets you flick through your cycle computer screens using the buttons on the top of the hoods.  No need to take your hand off the bars to change data fields. Awesome.


Do you need to know what gear you are in all the time… Well probably not. Where this information comes in useful is when looking back through your ride data for training purposes, adding grearing into the cadence, speed, heart rate etc. equation can be useful.

We really liked the functionality of being able to scroll through data screens using the buttons on the hoods. It’s a great benefit, and is a safer option whether riding in the bunch or alone.

We’ve been riding with the Shimano Sports Camera, (review on its way) that is also ANT+ enabled. Using DashWare we were able to overlay, information from our Garmin onto the camera footage, including speed, gearing etc. Pretty cool.

Shimano Wireless Unit 2

Set up

You’ll need to purchase the Wireless Unit and a wire (between 150mm and 300mm) depending on where you mount the Shimano Wireless Unit on your bike, the instructions suggest on the rear seat stay (pictured).

Once fitted by our local bike shop, a quick software update was needed before we were off. Simple


Wireless Unit - RRP $129.95

Wire – RRP $29.95


If you love your data, you’ll love the Wireless Unit and the extra information it brings. Its ability to integrate with your shifters to control your computer is also a handy touch that we liked.


Size - 38mm long, 25mm wide, 12.5mm in height, and weighs less than 5 grams. 

Powered by the same Di2 battery that powers the Di2 shifting system.

Compatible with Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 Di2 and Ultegra 6770 E-tube road shifting systems.

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