Kask Mojito Review

Kask Mojito Review

Helmets.  There's a lot out there.  Getting your helmet right will keep you comfortable and safe.

Kask make a wide range of helmets including skiing, work and construction, search and rescue to name a few. They certainly know what they are doing when it comes to making a product to protect your melon.  We've been putting their Mojito to the test. 

About - The Kask Majito is made in Italy by Kask, it is the lightest helmet in their range weighing in at 220 grams and crams 26 air intakes making this helmet super cool in the summer. It comes in a range of colours and includes high visibly stickers on the helmet and chin strap. We liked the look of the Mojito, it has a lower profile so is not too 'bulbous'.

Quality - Out of the box the Mojitio feels like a quality product, it is well finished and the straps are high quality with a washable non-allergic imitation leather chin strap that feels comfortable against the skin. 

Adjustment - The rear dial adjustment works with a sure and solid feel with small sizing increments to get just the right hold.  The Mojito held on tight with the chin strap undone to multiple heads when leaning upside down. 

Ride - In use we found the Mojito very easy to get along with. The lightness is noticeable as soon as you put it on, the airflow is excellent and  keeps your head cool but not cold. While riding there was close to no movement from the Mojito, it held in place well and was quick to adjust when we had to put a cap underneath on cold mornings. One of our testers had a small issue getting the arms of their sunglasses under the retention cradle of the Mojito, maybe something to check out before you jump to buy.

Sizes - Medium (48-58cm), Large (59-62cm)

Price - at around $200 the Kask falls into the mid-range of helmets. It doesn't quite grace the Grand Tour, but it's visible all over the weekend warrior set. That's for good reason; it's a quality product that fades into the background to let you just enjoy the ride. It's comfortable, light, and well-ventilated so you can get on with riding bikes. It can be fussy with certain sunglasses though, so we recommend trying it on in store with the your favourite shades.

Overall - The Mojito is a great offering from Kask, the quality and the thought that has gone into the adjustment system is impressive and the lightness and airflow make this a product the La Velocita team enjoyed testing.