The Warm Front review

It looks to me that print newspapers are on the way out. As cyclists, this leaves us in a difficult position.... what will we do when we get to the top of a climb and want to stay warm on the way down? Or, what to throw under our jerseys for a cold start....?

Introducing the Warm Front. This has to be the review that has surprised me most so far this year.



You know that feeling when you first see something that you are highly sceptical about. You have the, 'you have to be joking' thought. That happened when The Warm Front landed on my desk. I basically just thought that there was no way it was going to be something that would be remotely useful. However, I'm happy to have been proven completely wrong. 


So what on earth is the warm front? In short, it is a bib like base layer with a collar that is secured with velcro at the back of your neck. It's like someone has taken one of your very nice winter base layers and cut out the from and neck only. No arm holes, no sides, no back. 

There's two models available, in mens and women's variants, being their ultralight thermal and thermal model. We've tested both.


So I'll admit, I felt slightly ridiculous putting this on, then I realised I was dressed from head to toe in lycra and most people think we cyclists are a bit crazy, so I stopped caring.

I found the best method was to get your lightweight base layer and knicks on first then attach the warm front around your neck and tuck it into your bibs.

From the second I put it on I felt warmer, even before I started moving. I was seriously shocked by how effective it was. Spinning up to speed on a clear 1 degree morning, the wind stopping ability was great. When the temp finally lifted and I felt myself getting too hot I just unzipped my jersey about halfway and pulled out the Warm Front and threw it in my back pocket. 

Being made of just one panel of base layer thin material it folds to almost nothing. If you're out climbing, it takes seconds to throw back on at the top of a climb to avoid freezing, and I am willing to bet it is 100% more effective than a newspaper.... plus I'm yet to see any newspaper blowing around at the top of Donna Buang.

The Thermal model is really warm, and only slightly heavier. In the 1 to 5 degree morning temps I tested it I did not overheat, it comes in at about 70 grams and easily goes into your back pocket. 

The Ultralight thermal is also highly effective and the model that I have found myself using more. It comes in at just over 50 grams and folds down super small.


One Size only on the warm front. And unreels you are absolutely massive I think you'll be fine. 


Yes, it's a bit strange looking, but I'm willing to live with that. 


Thermal model AUD $56.90 / Ultralight Thermal AUD$29.90 - Head over to FULL BEAM AUSTRALIA to buy.


This is a great add on for anyone that is riding in cold conditions or is heading up hill. I'll bet you're like it, and as another plus i's definitely not going to break that bank.

Disclosue - The guys at Full Beam Australia kindly sent us this kit for review. La Velocita does not receive any commissions etc from the sale of these products and this is not a paid review. Our thoughts are ours and ours alone.