Nexttoskin Zerowind Jacket

Nexttoskin has sent us their Zerowind jacket. Pro-fit, lightweight shell protection designed to keep you dry when moving fast, this is the sort of jacket that would not look out of place in the pro-peloton.

Mike Boudrie has been riding with the Zerowind Jacket.

Photography - Andrew Clifforth


The Nexttoskin Zerowind Jacket is designed to be a pro-fit ultra lightweight outer jacket. It is marketed as being waterproof, windproof, breathable and highly elastic. 

The information that arrived with the jacket goes further to tell us that the jacket is constructed using ‘Zerowind’ material. It contains positive and negative electrical charges, allowing perspiration to leave the jacket while maintaining and its waterproof and windproof properties.

Finished with theromo-taped seams a pocket and elasticated cuffs this jacket is designed to give you instant, packable protection form cold winds and rain.

Next to Skin 1.jpg


The first thing you’ll notice with this jacket is how thin it is. There’s almost nothing to it. We were initially concerned that it would rip easily. But 6 weeks of use, being shoved into pockets, packed in bags and being generally banged about and given a tough time and the Zerowind jacket looks as good as new.

Seams are all taped and stitching is all neat and tidy. The lightweight and fine zip runs well.


First up this jacket packs down to almost nothing. It’s so thin that even the black version is see through. There’s no bursting out of jersey pockets when it's packed away. So it’s perfect for changeable conditions or protecting you for the first hour or two before the day warms up and you need to pack it away.

Protection wise it does a great job. Being so lightweight we were not sure how it would handle the cold wind, let alone rain but the Zerowind jacket did a great job. The big question with most ‘plastic’ wind and waterproof jackets is always ‘will I feel like I’m being boiled?’.

Our experience with the Nexttoskin was no. While not letting you breathe as well as with no jacket, the zero wind fabric does let moisture escape. The only time we started to overheat in this jacket was when the temp started to warm up and it was time to take it off anyway.

On cold starts it kept the wind off. Riding in around 5 degrees wearing a marino base layer and long sleeve winter jersey we were fine in the Zerowind jacket. A little cold at first but once working hard we warmed up nicely. 

We have not had the opportunity to test the Zerowind Jacket in heavy rain, but have been caught in a few showers. The waterproof capabilities were good. We did find some rain managed to get into the end of the sleeves.

There’s a small pocket on the front/side of the jacket that was really handy for cash and cards for quick access. We found it best to carry our phone and keys in our jersey back pocket though.

There’s an nice extra layer of softer, but still lightweight material around the neck of the jacket. This makes it comfortable around and helps keep the wind out.


Pro fit - our 188cm/79kg tester wore a medium. Fit was great all over apart from the arm length that could have been a few cm longer - this is down to personal body shape though i.e. tall and thin with long arms. 


RRP $179

Colours and Sizing

Black (as tested), Fluro Yellow and White

Six Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Where to Buy

Check out Dash Velo here to buy online or find your nearest stockist.


This is great option for changeable conditions, where you want something light to pack down small. It will protect you from rain, cold wind and keep you warm when combined with appropriate layering.

For really freezing conditions down under 3 or 4 degrees where it’s not going to warm up you might want a heavier outer layer, or you’ll need to add extra layers under the Zerowind Jacket.