Nexttoskin NE2 Multi-Season Short Sleeve Base Layer

Nexttoskin NE2 Multi-Season Short Sleeve Base Layer

We've had the Nexttoskin NE2 Multi-Season short sleeve base layer on test at La Velocita for the past three months. We've been using it in a wide range of conditions to find out if it can get the job done.  La Velocita's Mike Boudrie reports.


Nexttoskin's multi-season garments are made of a super-soft polyester blend with a unique hollow-core fibre technology which allows individual fibres to fill with air and thus help regulate body temperature, while wicking sweat rapidly away from the skin.

The multi-season garments are suitable for riding in any temperature up to the low 30's, beyond which the lighter NE29 mesh undershirt is recommended.

The material is 5% carbon which has anti-bacterial properties meaning the garment can be worn and washed again and again without getting any build up of sweaty residue which can happen with a lot of conventional baselayers.


Being at the upper end of the price range for a base layer, we had a look at the Nexttoskin with a uncompromising eye.  Out of the bag the base layer feels amazing, really soft and light.  All the seams are stitched perfectly and there's a nice wide band around the waist to hold the base layer in place.  

Arm length is good and did not cause any issues under any of the multiple jersey's we tried it with.

One area where finish could be improved is the Nexttoskin logo in the front of the jersey.  While not effecting performance, out of the bag there were a few loose threads on the inside of the jersey logo. Saying this, the rest of the jersey still looks and feels as good as new after three months of heavy use.

We've used and abused the base layer, put it through the washing machine many many times and it's still like new each time you put it on.

The technical blurb around anti-bacterial properties is spot on. We've had no lingering smell in the Nexttoskin base layer, even after leaving it unwashed in a plastic bag on the return from riding Fitz's Challenge in super hot Canberra conditions last year.


It does the job on cool mornings, helping take the chill off. But this is not what base layers are all about. They are about keeping you dry my moving moisture build up away from the skin and letting it evaporate through your jersey.  

Does the Nexttoskin do this... well yes. We found it really comfortable on long rides in cooler conditions, right through to 30 degree temperatures, where it still got the job done.  

The Nexttoskin does feel heavier than many of the other base layers we have looked at, however it does a great job and the ticker weave does not result in you overheating in most riding temperatures.  If you are mainly going to be out continual 30 degree plus, hot conditions we'd recommend shifting to the sleeveless to mesh Nexttoskin base layers.

Read more about why you should wear a base layer here.

Sizing and options

Black or Grey

Three sizes - Small, Medium, Large /XL (our 188cm/78kg tester wore a size Medium)


RRP $95.00 - NE2 Multi-Season Short-Sleeve

RRP $89.00 - NE1 Multi-Season Sleeveless

RRP $79.00 - NE29 Mesh (Black or White, One Size only)

Where to buy

Head to Dash Velo's online store at