The Wonderful Socks

When cyclists look good, they feel good. When they feel good, they ride well.

“The Wonderful Socks” are socks for all seasons and riding conditions and you’re guaranteed to look the part with these beauties on your feet. 

Words -  Katie Quinn



The Wonderful Socks are an upmarket sock brand, still relatively new on the Beach Road cycling scene. I road-tested two pairs for this review; the 'Giro' named in honour of the upcoming event, and the 'Les 4 Mousquetaires', inspired by 4 of the tennis greats from the 1920s.

Created by “world-class creative talents” and produced in Italy, it’s safe to say that you are getting what you pay for. The first thing that struck me was the beautiful packaging. Each pair comes in a black zip-locked pouch, inside is a card with the information behind the inspiration for the sock name and design, usually based on either the achievements of great sportspeople or an extraordinary sporting event.

Then there are the socks themselves. The designs are bright and eye-catching. The socks are described online as being perfect in extreme conditions, and I’d have to agree. They are soft and lightweight, with an open mesh area on the foot for maximum breathability. My feet felt dry and comfortable on a mild Melbourne day. They stayed up with enough compression but not so much that they dug in or felt uncomfortable.



The socks made of 66% Dryarn Polypropylene, 25% Resistex Carbon and 9% Lycra, essentially a microfiber blend. TWS tell us these are not only lightweight, but also more than a hundred times more moisture wicking than cotton. They are said to be more breathable and insulating than virgin wool with a knit that’s intentionally twisted around the foot to form an elastic band that hugs the instep, ensuring the best support in all circumstances.

The stitching on the inside of the sock is neatly finished and of a high quality construction with thin seams. They feel delicate but survived a hard wash. They dried quickly and did not warp or stretch.



The washing instructions are simple - wash at 30 degrees, do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, and do not dry clean.


The Wonderful Socks are available in both medium and large sizes, all with an appropriate 6-inch cuff. They also stock stylish socks for other sports such as running and general athletic pursuits.


At $39.99 for a pair, these fancy high-preforming socks are definitely at the upper end of the price scale. However, for that kind of cash you end up with a fine product, that continues to look sharp wash after wash, and that isn’t seen on the long limbs of every Tom, Dick and Harry.


Pick up a pair of The Wonderful Socks online at or at

You can also pick up a pair of Wonderful Socks at Cycle Closet Adelaide and VELO on Brunswick in Brisbane.

Check out their instagram page too... @thewonderfulsocks


Socks, we love them... these small but essential items get a lot of attention in the cycling world. The Wonderful Socks have a wide range that will compliment most kits and with a premium price tag, you are purchasing a superior product of high quality and style.

Why we like it: They look good, they’re comfortable.

How they could be improved: Flashy packaging is great, but if you ditch it for a more competitive price tag they will be running out the door!

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