Seight - Women's Elite Pro Kit

Seight - Women's Elite Pro Kit

When I saw this kit it was love at first Seight. Whilst this design may not be the pot of gold at the end of everybody’s rainbow, if you’re hunting for a high quality and comfortable combo then look no further.

Words - Katie Quinn.  Images - Andrew Clifforth


Seight have been major players for some time in the domain of customised cycling and triathlon clothing. Australian based, and distributing their wares worldwide, on initial review of their range of products, high standards and ‘Price Beat Policy’, it’s easy to see why Seight is growing in the cycling apparel marketplace.

The Seight clothing range extends from summer and winter cycling jerseys and knicks, to a vast range of accessories, triathlon and running gear and even casual clothing. There seems to be everything you could possibly require to fulfill your sporty yet on-trend requirements.

You may already be familiar with their designs for the Seight Cycling Victoria and Queensland State team kit, with bright colours on stylish kits. So their reputation precedes them as producing a high-quality garment. The kit I reviewed was indicative of a company that sees the value in providing the looks, comfort, street appeal and safety aspects that will keep their customers returning time and time again.


This kit looks to be of high quality, and on first wear I could confirm that that is the case.

I tested a women’s short sleeve jersey in the “Stripe Design” in the Elite Pro Race Cut. It’s a summer kit and more than suitable for everything from the stinking hot summer days to the milder spring/autumn weather if combined with a gilet. Construction is good, with flatlock stitching combining 3 different types of quality fabric (mesh underarms, breathable moisture wicking paneling, and comfortable collar band).

The sleeves were mid-bicep in length. The pro cut sits snug against the body and smooths the silhouette. The gripper keeps the jersey from riding up. The full zipper allows for good air ventilation. The back of the jersey has the standard 3 pocket design, however misses out on a zipped pocket or any of the discrete reflective bands seen on some other high-quality kit.

The bib knicks were comfortable and went the distance. Seight have significantly improved on other knicks I have tried before by removing any horizontal stitching on the legs. This means the legs fit exceptionally well; the discrete wide grips keep everything in place without digging in or marking your legs, in fact Seight told us that the gripper is a new state of the art product that they are first to market with... expect to see other brands follow . The “elite 3D Italian chamois” is of a high quality that is more dense in the “sensitive areas”. They went the distance, with no chaffing or areas of discomfort and felt like I had nothing on - lucky for the motorists and occasional pedestrians I did!

The kit has so far survived three rounds of being bashed around by my washing machine on a ‘quick 30’ cycle with no issues.


The men’s sizes range from 2XS to 4XL, and the ladies will be pleased with the same range. I am 166cm tall and 58kgs (depending on weekly donut intake) and I tested the women’s small jersey and small bib knicks. I found the sizing chart online to be accurate and the website easy to navigate.


Jersey - AUD$170 / Knicks AUD$280


Seight cycling apparel can be purchased from the Seight online store at


It’s time to breakaway from the mundane and impress your cycling friends and admirers (aka social media stalkers) with this latest kit from Seight Cycling apparel. They’ll tell you they’re giving you a head start, but really they’ll be just shielding their eyes from the ultra-vibrant contrast measure on your toned cycling rig.

But beware...

If you’re a wallflower – then this is not the kit for you. If you’re keen to blend in so no one sees your attack and subsequent epic breakaway at the crits – then this is not the kit for you. If you are a conservative Liberal party voter – then this is not the kit for you. If you’re into bright, beautiful, well fitting and comfortable kit that’ll make you stand out from the crowd, then what an absolute Seight for sore eyes this kit will be.