Fondo ‘Disco’ kit

Women’s kits.  Few and far between.  There seems to be an endless array of cycling kits aimed at male cyclists, which is absolutely fine.  But more and more women are taking up cycling for so many reasons. 

This is where three young ladies decided to buck the trend!  Kits designed and aimed at WOMEN. 2013 saw the birth of an idea: FONDO - cycling apparel designed by women, for women.

La Velocita's Kirra McDonald tests the Fondo 'Disco' kit.

Photography - Andrew Clifforth


“At Fondo, our philosophy is simple: to inspire you to perform on your bike by developing a range of women’s cycling apparel that is comfortable, high quality and stylish.”

What a concept!  Women designing kit for women.  Anna, Kate and Emma have taken an idea and run with it, and well, the proof is in the finished product!  Partnering with one of Italy’s leading manufactures of technical cycling clothing, the ladies have managed to produce a range of clothing that not only looks amazing, but lives up to some seriously high standards.

Fondo explains that their kits are a 'race cut'. This basically means that they are designed to fit firmly.  Fondo has done this with the aim of achieving a comfortable, supportive and flattering fit and look. 


Worn in all sorts of conditions, this jersey has been a delight to wear.  It is lightweight and breathable, that has made wearing it on hot summer days an absolute pleasure.  A full length zipper and elasticized laser-cut waist means the jersey does not creep up or shift around as you ride.  I found that the jersey was fantastic at wicking away moisture, which on a hot day is fantastic!

Designed to fit firmly due to the ‘race cut’ you will find that this jersey not only feels good on, you won’t find yourself ‘flapping’ in the wind.

And well the pockets, the three of them are big enough for you to fit all the things you could want.  My only suggestion is, that due to the nature of the fabric, you not overstuff the pockets where possible as we would be slighty concerned about the fabric stretching.

Jersey Specs:

  • Full length hidden zipper
  • Lazer cut elasticised waist band
  • Three pockets
  • Seamless sleeves
  • Fabric - Light weight circular knit fabric produced with full dull polyester microfiber and fine elastane with the new generation of 40 gauge knitting technology. It is light weight, extremely stretchable and comfortable, prepared with wicking finishing which allows a quick drying and excellent moisture management


The knicks are made with high performance compression lycra and a premium Italian-made chamois that provides support and comfort on even the longest rides.

The laser-cut elastic leg bands are flattering and prevent the shorts from creeping up the leg. The unique wide-set bib straps minimises restriction across the chest allowing you to breathe easy during those high intensity efforts. 

We like that fond has really taken time and care to choose a fabric that is both comfortable but also provides compression.  We also like that the quality of the fabric results in no see through sections, even when wet.


  • Silicone laser cut elastic leg bands
  • Wide set bibs
  • Female specific, endurance chamois
  • Fabric - A classical double opposite interlace warp knitted fabric, made with an exclusive super dull polyester yarn and elasthan with SUPER 40 new generation looms.


Following the size guide is important here.  If you don’t want a snug jersey you may want to go up a size.  


We think $320 for a quality set Knicks and a Jersey (with free shipping) is good value.


A kit designed not only to look good, but to ride and wear well.   Comfort and quality are two words that first come to mind when reviewing this kit. 

The only disappointment is that they don’t have wind vests that tie the kit together. Given the girls have only just begun this adventure, in time no doubt their range will expand (hopefully) and they will continue to keep designing and providing women with cycling kit that excels under performance and lasts the test of time.

Care Instructions

To help keep your Fondo kit looking its best, please make sure you always follow these simple steps:

  • Use a wash bag
  • Machine wash only using a cold and delicate setting
  • Do not tumble dry 
  • Handle the fabric with care – avoid sharp objects, abrasive surfaces and over-filling the jersey pockets