A'qto - Primavera Women’s Kit

A'qto - Primavera Women’s Kit

A'qto has just released their new Primavera women's kit. In keeping with A'qto's passion and design ethos, this kit ticks all the boxes; style, individuality, functionality, comfort, fit and quality.  If you're after a kit that's up with the best, but don't want to be lost in the crowd, the Primavera is well worth a look.

Reviewer - Kirra McDonald       Photography - Andrew Clifforth

A'qto are quickly gaining a name for their striking designs and high quality, Italian kit and casual clothing. La Velocita has been testing their latest offering, the Primavera women's kit, for the past few weeks, first impressions are that it's very good. 

About - Damian from A'qto tells us that the Primavera design was inspired by the beauty of spring fashion, colour and spring cycling. Made in Italy, it is A'qto's flagship women's kit.

The Primavera kit is designed for the summer months, using highly breathable Italian lycra fabrics with UV protection of 50+, although in saying that, we have used it on days that started out at less than 10 degrees, and comfortably worn it through to 28 degrees! 

Riding the A’qto Primavera kit was an absolute pleasure.
— Kirra McDonald

For cooler mornings or fast mountain descents, the Primavera bundle can be paired with the Primavera 'zero-wind-and-rain' gilet. We'll be testing the gilet early next year so watch this space, but our initial impressions are that the Primavera gilet kept the wind chills from passing through.

Like all A'qto kit, the Primavera is a limited edition design, produced in low volumes. We like this, in our experience it results in higher quality, good service and makes it very unlikely you'll turn up for your group ride to find half the group wearing the same kit as you!

First impressions - At first look you will notice that the colour selection pops!  Bright blue and pink across a black background will be sure to have you standing out in a crowd!

Ride - Primavera Jersey

We loved the full-length zip, definitely preferable when choosing a jersey.  The Primavera is regarded as a race fit jersey, so definitely a close to the body kind of fit.  Now, if this isn’t something you are too concerned about, or you want a more relaxed fit then simply go up a size. 

Our top features of the jersey would have to be:

  • The comfortable lycra sleeve ends. Without elastic grippers in the sleeves they sit close to the skin and are very comfortable, and even so they do not ride up. 
  • Cut of the collar - at fully zipped- the collar comes to a small 'v'. We think the appeal is perhaps more the feminine look of it as opposed to any sort of functionality, however it was quite comfortable.
  • The zippered pocket in the back of the jersey for valuables.
  • The generous size of the three main pockets. We have noticed that when you get into 'extra-small' and 'small' female jerseys, the pockets are nearly always smaller. This makes it a challenge to fit the necessities for the ride, however the Primavera jersey has well-proportioned and generous pockets! 

The highly breathable fabric of the Primavera Jersey saw a comfortable ride throughout the day.  The Jersey fabric performed as claimed, with great moisture wicking ability.  The material is high quality and the cut was spot on for us.

Ride - Primavera Knicks

Now, chamois and the cut of knicks are such a personal things, but when you find one that you like, buy in bulk!  We have been out for some long rides and found the Primavera knicks very comfortable.

The quality of the material at first touch is evident, the bibs on the knicks are soft, and sit comfortably across the shoulder and chest. 


A’qto have used a Cytech high performance chamois in the Primavera Knicks, we think the Cytech chamois are just about the best in the business.  The Cytech ‘Tour HP Women’ used here is designed for all day, long distance, 5 hour rides and utilisies all the latest technology to keep you feeling comfortable.

While we are talking technology, A’qto has put a lot of work into fabric selection for the Primavera knicks.  A visit to the M.I.T.I factory in Italy resulted in a choice of M.I.T.I Action and Shield Lycra for these knicks. The M.I.T.I fabric provided great compression levels, no transparency and did a good job of wicking moisture away from the skin.

The Primavera knick’s lycra leg ends held the knicks very comfortably in place.  Finally, reflective tape in the side seams helps keep you safe in low light, while not disrubting the look of the knicks.

Ride - Primavera Gloves

The Primavera short finger gloves are great for summer, they are lightweight, nicely finished and very comfortable.  We liked the fit of the gloves, no velcro was a big plus for us and soon into a ride you'll hardly notice you are wearing them.  Padding is minimal but just right and the nose wipe soft and high quality.

Quality - A'qto take quality seriously. 

On a first look the quality of the jersey and knicks is very high.  All the seams are well finished and zips are well weighted and move well.  Another real surprise is that it is rated 50+ in regards to UV protection, great for the Australia summer.

Size - Seven sizes! 

XXS to 2XL - We found the size guide to be accurate.

Price - 

  • $519.95 - Primavera bundle - Jersey/knicks/windvest/gloves
  • $169.95 - Primavera Jersey
  • $169.95 - Primavera knicks
  • $144.95 - Primavera Gilet
  • $59.95 - Primavera Gloves

A’qto offer a loyalty program, for every dollar spent, you receive a point and you can redeem them at any time for more great gear!  

Overall - Riding the A'qto Primavera kit was an absolute pleasure. Want a high quality women's kit that ticks all the boxes? Want style, individuality, functionality, comfort, fit and quality? Then head to A'qto to check out the Privavera kit now!


Primavera Jersey

  • Base Fabric - Microholed Carbon Lycra; a carbon fibre infused, Italian engineered fabric with a high anti-static performance which aids in reducing heart beats, body temperature and the feeling of physical stress.  Very high breathability and super comfortable, UV Protection 50+
  • Side Panel Fabric - Carbon Feel and Carbon Lycra inserts; ultra breathable, high sweat wicking, UV Protection 50+
  • Sleeve ends: Lycra
  • Zipper: Covered YKK full length zipper
  • Waist: Silicone gripper
  • Visability: Rear reflective tape in 2 side seams
  • Pockets: 3 Reinforced Rear Pockets with small additional Zipped pocket

 Primavera knicks

  • Fabric: M.I.T.I Action and Shield Lycra
  • Chamois: Cytech Tour Woman
  • Leg ends: Wide lycra grip
  • Visability: Rear reflective tape in 2 side seams