The Weekly Rider - James Raison

The Weekly Rider - James Raison

James describes himself as a 'pointy-bonebag hill climbing monster'... he's also got a certain unhealthy competitive spirit going with Dave Edwards. What matters is that he's a solid rider and has a great way with words. Watch for his opinion and stories across La Velocita and With All I Have.

Images - Graeme Thiessen - See more of his work at

Images - Graeme Thiessen - See more of his work at

James is, in all likelihood a more gifted rider than I
— David Edwards 23 March 2016.

Dream Bike.

Since I'm dreaming it doesn't have to exist. So here are my dream requirements: custom steel or Ti frame, a wireless Campagnolo groupset that is hydraulic disc and can take a 32 rear cassette, Curve rims with Chris King hubs, a full Tune finishing kit of bars, saddle, seat post, stem. I want the whole build below the UCI 6.8kg limit too.

What is your favourite local ride?

Adelaide has way too many options so I'll say the Mt Osmond area is my favourite riding spot. It's loaded with some of my favourite steep climbs and there's eye-popping views of the city.

James Raison 2

What is your current cycling goal?

 I want to complete a High Rouleur ride for Hells500. I may have already completed it depending on when you're reading this. After that my goal is adventure riding. I don't know what the adventures are yet, but they will be awesome!

When I am on the bike I....

Am always having fun. I'm insufferably chipper when I'm riding. Just ask anyone who has ridden with me. I have a dopey grin on pinned to my face, and I'm chatting constantly. That, and thinking about food. I love thinking about my food reward once I'm done.

How did your love of bikes come about? 

Bikes transformed me from an overweight, lazy teenager/early twenties guy into pointy-bonebag hill-climbing-monster I am now. Initially I rode for transport but then I decided to do it for fun and I haven't looked back.

Share a cycling memory

Sleeping in a ditch next to the Coorong at 2am, with 800km in the legs and 300km to go. I remember looking at the sky and saying to my 3 fellow ditch-dwellers: "this is the most fucking awesome adventure ever!" They all agreed. It was magic.

I love to ride because....

It's recreation, transport, physical health, mental health, fitness, stress relief, and social time all combined. There's nothing else I can think of that gives so many benefits.

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