The Weekly Rider - Lana Adams
Image - Jake Thomas

Image - Jake Thomas

Lana Adams is the Weekly Rider! She's just joined La Velocita as our official Adelaide based photographer and works at cycling apparel store 'Cycle Closet' and is currently training for the Adelaide winter CX season... and of course, she loves to Ride.

Lana Adams from Adelaide

Dream Bike.

 A custom Rogers Bespoke. Preferably including purple, or pink, or sparkles, or all of these things and more!

What is your favourite local ride.

my favourite bike shop Treadly run a ride every week called Lazy Wednesday which changes route week to week. It's focused around fun, adventuring and is no drop. It's the first bunch ride I've found that actually pays attention to your riding ability and I've never felt pressured to keep up or like I'm slowing anyone down.

Image - Max Hardy

Image - Max Hardy

What is your current cycling goal: To continue increasing my fitness so I can improve CX racing. I finished off my first season of racing with a win in B grade, so I'd love to challenge myself to finish mid-pack in A grade by the end of the year.

When I am on the bike I....

 am always the one in obnoxious socks that match my kit perfectly, of course.

How did your love of bikes come about?

Somehow my partner convinced me riding my 90s steel commuter up the local hills would be fun, and after doing that a couple of times I found a bargain on gumtree and bought myself a road bike. 2 years later, I still ride the same bike and can ride the same hills I started out on in half the time. I was always skeptical when people talked about the "runners high" and getting addicted to exercise endorphins, but I guess it's true and it happened to me.

Image - Jake Thomas

Image - Jake Thomas

Share a cycling memory.

Climbing Mt William in the Grampians in July 2015. It was the middle of winter, and freezing. That summer I'd nearly broken my wrist and been off the bike for 3 months, which was really only when I had just started riding, so I wasn't very fit. I was unprepared, wearing a collection of cycling kit and skiing thermals and I remember reading 2degrees on my garmin at the summit.

Anyone who has ridden it will know how hard the last grind to the summit is. On the descent we had to stop about 4 times to try and shake feeling back into numb hands. That was the first climb I'd ridden out of my hometown, and it gave me this incredible feeling of power knowing I could conquer things I wasn't familiar with. It was also my first bike related travel adventure which has now inspired more!

I love to ride because....

it's just the best. If you get it, you get it. The freedom, the views, the people, the adventures, the entire feeling and experience of cycling is incredible. I have no idea what I did with myself before this.

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