Brett Davis 1

Brett Davis is the Weekly Rider!  He's a bus driver so does a lot of sitting around on the job Golf was Brett’s 'escape' until he saw the light and jumped onto a road bike in 2014 and has never looked back.   

Brett trained hard and rode the Peter MacCallum Cancer Ride and the 135km Around the Bay. He's lost a pile of weight and is loving life and just continues to get stronger by the day.

Words and Images by Brett Davis

Name - Brett Davis 

Lives - Cranbone

Dream Bike

Greg LeMond Washoe

Favourite Local Ride

I ride like to ride around my local area, as well as riding to Port Melbourne and back. I also ride with the Rowville Riders, I love doing the Emerald loop via the Basin, 1 and 20, Olinda and Monbulk.

Brett Davis 2

Current Goal.

Amys Gran Fondo 

When I am on the bike...

I feel free I enjoy the freedom of being on a bike and riding to different places and meeting new people along the way. Of course, most importantly, discovering good coffee places along the way.

How did your love of bikes come about?

I always enjoyed my cycling when I was younger, doing a Great Victorian Bike Ride back in 1989 (Yarrawonga to Melbourne) and Around the Bay back in 1996. Then just through work and other events I didn't ride that much for about 15 years.

Brett Davis 3

In 2014 I bought a Boardman 9.2 after losing a lot of weight. I just wanted to get back to cycling. I signed up for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Ride and the 135km Around the Bay so it gave me something to aim for. 

Cycling Memory

So many to mention, but I guess a couple that stand out for me include my first ever Strava Gran Fondo ride (130km)... I completed it with a gale force headwind along Nepean Hwy. I bought the jersey for that one as it signifies the elements of nature that I contended with that day. My other memory is the first mountain I climbed for the 7peaks challenge which was the hardest... Baw Baw what a baptism of fire that was!!!  

I love to ride because...

It helps me keep healthy. I have also met some fantastic people through cycling with whom I now have the pleasure of riding with. The freedom of experiencing new climbs new places and most importantly Coffee stops!!