LIV – Committed to the Female Cyclist

Liv is dedicated to providing women's specific bikes, apparel and gear, La Velocita's Sarah Grove talks about Liv.

Photography sourced from Liv and Giant Bicycles.

When I started riding 8 years ago, my first bike was a modified custom build so that all of my 5foot 1inch’s could reach the pedals and the handle bars. It didn’t matter to me – as I instantly fell in love with cycling. 

But I always remember wondering at the time, why aren’t there many female specific bikes on the market? Aren’t there enough girls riding bikes to warrant a market dedicated to the ‘other half’ of the population? And so every time I was out on the road I would check out other girls bikes to see what they were riding. Nothing stood out to me as a ‘must have’, and certainly nothing that I considered a bike designed specifically for women. 

And then came LIV - LIV is the women’s brand of GIANT Bikes and are committed to the female cyclist. LIV put women’s cycling and women’s specific bikes on the map by developing a dedicated team around the world who design a range of premium bikes specifically for women. 

But LIV do more than just design and build beautiful female specific bikes. They are fully committed to the female cyclist and are dedicated to building the profile of women’s cycling. They support, encourage and empower women to enjoy cycling as a sport and for fitness. 

LIV Avail Advanced SL 1 - RRP$5,199 -

LIV Avail Advanced SL 1 - RRP$5,199 -

They offer a comprehensive and stylish product collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles. And best of all, they have teams of dedicated retail bike shops around the country who go above and beyond to make fitting and buying a bike for females a welcoming and enjoyable experience (not a scary one!). 

The LIV range of bikes are continually evolving and continue to be a leader in the market. The colour schemes are amazing – feminine without being too girly. They have price ranges, styles and colours for the fussiest female riders, and the fit for females of all shapes and sizes is spot on.

LIV Envie Advanced Pro 0 RRP$7,899 -

LIV Envie Advanced Pro 0 RRP$7,899 -

Just last month, the top of the range LIV Envie Advanced Pro 0 won the 2015 Bicycling Editor’s Choice Award “This bike lives up to its name: Testers were queuing up to get on the Envie!”

I’m lucky enough to have been riding my own LIV Envie Advanced Pro 0 for 3 months and I am totally in love. Actually more than in love, let’s call it infatuated! 

La Velocita will be bringing Sarah's review of the LIV Envie Advanced Pro 0 next week, so watch this space!

So if you are female and looking for a bike – then check out the LIV range! Hind out more at

Sarah Grove rides for LIV and is supported by GIANT South Yarra and is a Triathlon Performance Coach with Holistic Sarah is a regular contributor to La Velocita.

Triathlon Performance Coach with Victorias largest Triathlon Squad Tri Alliance. Our squad specialises in developing beginners in the sport of Triathlon, whether that be fun, lifestyle or to pursue further goals. I am an active triathlete myself racing Sprint, Olympic to Half and Full Ironman Distance. In 2013 I raced at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships, 2012 Half Ironman World Championships and numerous Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman wins over my 6 years in the sport.