Best Summer cycling jerseys

Best Summer cycling jerseys

We’re standing on the precipice of a stinking hot Aussie summer so we’ve thrown together our favourite jerseys and brands for when the mercury rises.

Words - James Raison
Images - the incredible Lana Adams (@LanaAdams) - except the MAAP photo

Every kit maker says their fabric is breathable, light weight, and wicks moisture. Below are the kits that walk the talk.



    Pedla’s LunaAIR fabric is absolutely stellar in the heat. It’s less silky than the others here and has a texture closer to a very thin cotton. The arms let plenty of air in, but it’s the front and back panels that really impress. They’re covered in tiny dots set very close together. It’s a mighty fine jersey that lets you breathe, and dissipates the sweat. Pedla make consistently good jerseys for warm weather. We love their designs too.


    Look at all those tasty fabrics

    Look at all those tasty fabrics

    MAAP's Legacy Team jersey really impressed us in the heat. Their jersey uses porous panels on the arms, shoulders, back, and neck. The front panel and pockets are a thin, and very silky "pore-less" material that does not hold back cooling air from your front torso. It's a comfy jersey to wear overall and feels excellent on your skin. Lovely materials aside, this is a very well-sorted jersey. Pockets are generous if a little narrow, zipper is excellent, and the rubber waist gripper keeps everything tight and sag-free. Onya MAAP!

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    Spin Cycle Clothing


    Adelaide, Spin Cycle’s home, is positioned just below a massive desert and gets some scorching Summer temperatures. We’ve tested bundles of Spin Cycle Clothing’s gear over the years and it’s consistently excellent in hot weather. Spin’s Core Jersey dials thinnes and breathable up to 11. That’s meant a long, lonely winter in the closet. It’s for hot weather only! The sleeves, and back panels are very porous and will dissipate heat very well. The front and rear panel materials are about as thin as it gets. We aren’t disappointed when we reach for this in the hottest of temps. There’s no denying Spin’s value-for-money proposition here and it’s comeptitively prices.

    Black Sheep

    Black sheep-8.jpg

    It should be no surprise that tropical Queensland-based Black sheep churns out great jerseys for hot conditions. People from Queensland literally can’t even deal when the temperature drops to 20 celsius. We’ve tested a massive pile of Black Sheep, and even did a collaboration kit with them a few years back. We love how they place their breathable panels under the arms, and down your sides to keep you nice and chilled in hawt conditions. Black Sheep also turns out good value jerseys too at the $165-$175 AUD pricepoint.

    Ridge Supply

    This Ridge Supply jersey breathes deep

    This Ridge Supply jersey breathes deep

    From the wilds of North Carolina comes Ridge Supply and they’re bringing a bucketload of ventilation. We tested their Navy Kit last year and it’s the most porous jersey we’ve seen. The other jerseys on this list tend to use pinholes on thin materials but Ridge Supply’s maker Cutaway uses little vertical slashes. Their underarm and side panels are almost transparent. A lot of makers use similar material located solely at the underarm but Ridge Supply uses it for a whole panel. It's very nice gear indeed.