Seal Skinz Ultra Grip Glove

Today we take a quick look at the Seal Skinz Ultra Grip Gloves.

It’s getting cold in Melbourne. So it’s time to layer up and stay warm.  It’s always tough to keep the extremities warm and no matter how warm your body is, cold and wet hands make for an unpleasant ride.

Photography Andrew Clifforth

The Ultra Grip glove is marketed as ‘ completely waterproof, windproof and breathable’ a big claim in glove land. We’ve been riding with the Seal Skinz Ultra Grips for the past few weeks and initial impressions are good.

On the road we see a lot of Seal Skinz gloves. Their range is extensive and they make gloves for a massive range of uses. The Ultra Grip’s are stretch knit gloves and incorporate Seal Skinz own ‘StretchDry’ technology.

In use we really liked the Seal Skinz. The knit material they are constructed from, has a really nice stretch to it, it’s a hard material to describe - probably somewhere between wool, neoprene and an elastic membrane.

The gloves don’t look like they would be waterproof but they do a great job of keeping the water out. They are also thick enough to insulate and block nasty cold wind.  

Grip levels are excellent and they are very easy to get on on off.  Gloves that turn inside out, have separate layers etc can be really annoying at times! None of this with the Seal Skinz. The cuff is a nice length, just long enough to fit over the arm ends of your jacket or arm warmers.

We’ve used the gloves in temperatures down to 4 degrees, where they did a good job keeping the fingers warm. We did find that after around an hour the leading edge of the index finger and thumb started to suffer a bit due to cold air and wind chill. 

Waterproofing is really good. In long downpours the gloves did eventually let some water through but managed to retain warmth. We liked that the gloves manage to let moisture out so you don’t end up with damp overheated hand in the glove.

Overall the Seal Skinz Ultra Grips are a great all round glove that can deal with low temberatures, rain and wind, have great grip, are well made and can be used on or off the bike in cold weather.

Price - Expect to pay around $50 to $60