Z Band

As cyclists, we are usually awake a few hours before the ‘average’ person. An early get up usually means and early alarm…. This also usually leads to a grumpy partner.

Z Band solves this issue with silent alarm that won’t disturb those near to you.

The guys at Z Band have been good enough to send us over one of their silent alarm wristbands.

The Z Band was designed by two ingenious guys in Ireland, Paul Griffin and Declan Leonard.

The Z Band is about as simple as it gets. It’s designed to do one thing… wake you up silently. You just need to charge the unit for half and hour. This will give you around 10 days of battery life. You then set the alarm days and times using an Android or Windows device.

Last thing to do is put on the Z Band and go to bed and wait to be awoken without a sound.

The Z Band had worked each and every time for us, the Z Band App is super simple to use. You can select day, time, time between snoozes and the vibration strength.

Once charged the Z Band connects to your phone (or other device) using Bluetooth so there’s no wires to carry around.

One thing to note is that the Z Band is not compatible with iPhones or any apple products.

Cost - USD$59.99

Where to buy - Visit ZBand online

This short video shows how simple the Z Band is to use.