The Grampians

Today La Velocita takes a looks at the Grampians National Park. Around 3 hours drive West of Melbourne the Grampians are an experience. Serenity. Peace. Climbing.

The Grampians - Presented by Find Your Freedom Cycling

Words and Images - Brendan Edwards

Whether you enjoy a sense of adventure, or are drawn to the serenity and peace, the Grampians have a bit for everyone.


We headed out to the Grampians last weekend, of course the bike came along. While there, I was fortunate to take on two of the biggest climbs in the Grampians; Mount William and the Boroka Lookout. 

Staying in the central town of Halls Gap my alarm for 5:00am.  I hoped to be up to the peak of Mount William just as the sun was rising and I wasn’t disappointed.  There’s something special about getting up really early to see a good sunrise out on the bike.

With 80km in the legs, I took on the climb to the Boroka Lookout. To get to this lookout you’ll need to work, there’s over 15km of climbing to get to it.  The average gradient is 4%, but felt a lot harder, especially towards the end of the climb where the gradient peaks at close to 18% in several parts. 

Of course, it was forgotten when I rode out onto the catwalk and I was treated to a breathtaking view of the Grampians National Park. It was a moment in time that I wish I could bottle forever.


If you haven’t had a chance to ride in and around the Grampians we would definitely recommend that you add it to your bucket list.  

The Grampians has some of the best climbing Victoria has to offer.  The main thing I would take most from my weekend in the Grampians was the reward you get at the top of each climb. 

No matter how hard you worked getting to get to the top, how out of breath you were crossing that finishing line…. Being able to ride straight out onto a lookout that overlooks the whole of the Grampians National Park is an experience more rewarding than the climb itself.

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