The weekly rider - Dan Yates

Dan Yates is the weekly rider.  Dan cut his teeth as a bike courier and commuter on the streets of London and Perth. Day or night, if Dan is going anywhere, he's on the bike, taking the route less ridden. 

Dan runs Kettlebell Republic a CrossFit, kettlebell focused strength and conditioning micro-gym based at Niddrie Health Club, 333 Keilor Road, Melbourne. They emphasise mobility, skill progression and intensity to build strong and pain free bodies.

When we meet with Dan, one thing that is clear is that he is passionate about life. Family, exercise, nature, living clean, balance and of course bikes are all close to his heart.

Name - Dan Yates

Lives - West Footscray, Victoria

Dream bike - Mercian Super Vigorelli made with Reynolds 835, Sugino chainset, campy for the rest. I expect I'd bling the wheelset with a Hed Carbon Tri Spoke.

Favourite local ride - Footscray local suburb ride and riding to work.

My current cycling goal is - to hit the London streets at night again with friends when I go back to the UK in December.

When I am on the bike... I'm free. Free of the constraints of life. I love riding in the rain. Especially at night as it adds to the feeling of being closer to nature, even in the suburbs of Melbourne.  

How did your love for bikes come about - Mainly in London as a long term cycling commuter and then in Perth as a bike courier.

I've never been an exceptionally fast rider in a straight line. During the Perth stint, the best couriers knew when to ride fast, but also when to ride slow. As a commuter, it's always interesting to take quirky routes from A to B, making it more like a computer game or puzzle than to ride for fitness. I guess those ethics still ring true with me today.

Share a cycling memory - Riding through Perth city during the most insane storm for 8 hours with nothing else on the road but crazed bike couriers of every description. Loving it. 

I love to ride because... two wheels of any description is always better for your physical and mental health than four.