The Weekly Rider - Dylan Reynolds

Dylan Reynolds is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! Dylan is one of the directors of Ride and Seek Bike Tours, they specialise in bike tours with an historical angle. 

Ride and Seek run ‘Epic’ and ‘Local’ Adventures. The Epic's focus on following in the footsteps of a historical figure. 

We talk to Dylan about why he loves to ride!

Photography - Philip Le Masurier

Name - Dylan Reynolds

Lives - Sydney in the bike tour off season and usually France when the tours are on.

Dream bike - Lynskey Helix with Campagnolo Super Record

Favourite local ride - Riding around West Head in the Kuring gai National Park

My current cycling goal is - Get myself in shape for the upcoming tour season. This year we are running our Napoleon tour from Paris to Moscow in July and I want to be in shape to not just guide it but enjoy it too.

When I am on the bike I feel at one with the world around me. Regardless of the sort of day I've had I always feel better and energised after a ride. It's a bloody effective happy pill.

How did your love for bikes come about - Basically from growing up in the bike town of Cambridge, UK.

From as long as I can remember the bike has been my primary mode of transport and wherever I have been in the world that has continued to be the case. 

Probably wouldn't happen today but I still remember chaperoning my 6 year old sister on the 4km ride to school everyday. I was 8 I think. Perhaps that was my first guiding gig!

Share a cycling memory - My folks (or more specifically my Dad) was a big fan of taking the family on bike holidays. We weren't so enlightened back then and so initially, at least, he always faced a fair amount of resistance from us - particularly my Mum.

One year we were heading to France and had to ride from Cambridge to Portsmouth to catch the ferry. On the way we passed quite close to Heathrow airport and in his wisdom my Dad revealed to the family that we were actually going to Florida and were catching a plane later that day.

The level of distraught that this caused when he admitted it was a joke has been an abiding cycling memory. 

I love to ride because I can't think of a better mode of transport to explore and experience the world around us. You get to travel at a pace that whilst allowing you to immerse the senses also enables you to cover a decent amount of ground in a day. The food and wine always tastes better after a good day on the bike too.

About Ride and Seek

Ride and Seek rides can be undertaken in their entirety or in separate stages. So far Ride and Seek has run the ‘Hannibal’ taking riders from Barcelona to Rome and the ‘Napoleon’ from Paris to Rome

Next year sees the launch of the Caesar from London to Rome. 

Ride and Seek’s Local Adventures are little bit more 'holiday' focussed and are aimed at all levels of cyclist. These tours are typically focussed on specific regions where the rider is able to immerse themselves in one area a little more with fewer hotel changes and more cultural visits. 

Find out more about Ride and Seek at