The Weekly Rider - Gracie Elvin

Gracie Elvin is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! Gracie was the Australian road race champion in 2013 and 2014 and joined OricaGreenEdge in 2013.

We talk to the super talented Gracie about her big European dreams and and most importantly, why she loves to ride!

Name: Gracie Elvin

Lives: Canberra (Australia) from October to January. Laveno-Mombello (Italy) from February to September.

Dream bike: A light weight dual suspension MTB. As much as I love my road bike, I'd love to be able to ride the dirt a little more!

Favourite local ride: In Canberra I love to do the bunch rides and try to keep up with the guys and then stop for coffee at the end. In Italy, the mountain behind my town has a few ways up, all of which are beautiful and have a great view of Lago Maggiore from the top.

My current cycling goal is: To win a race in Europe. I've made the podium a few times and have had many top ten results but yet to get to the top step!

When I am on the bike I: Am at peace. I never take music with me unless it's an indoor session. I love to have the time to think and enjoy the outdoors while I am riding.

How did your love for bikes come about: I always rode bikes to school when I was younger and participated in my school MTB program every year and loved to kick the boys' ass! My dad set up an old road bike for me when I was 13 so we could ride together and I was hooked straight away. We still do a lot of riding together now.

Share a cycling memory: Dad and I used to take a week up in the Snowy Mountains every year and ride the long climbs in the area. One day the weather was bad but we really wanted to get out. We rode through centimetres of water, were pelted with rain and had to turn around before the summit because we were getting blown to a standstill by the wind. We were laughing and shaking our heads at how silly we were to still be enjoying it, and lunch tasted extra amazing when we finally got home.

I love to ride because: Cycling has taught me so many valuable lessons and rewarded me countless times. I've learned how to push my body and mind beyond ordinary standards, but also how to respect my body and mind, and it has taught me the value of hard work and patience. It gives me a sense of freedom and motivation, and has given me amazing experiences and friendships.