The Weekly Rider - Malachi Moxon

Malachi Moxon is The Weekly Rider! As  one of the most recognisable characters on the Melbourne cycling scene, Malachi has found time between riding, racing, designing awesome kit and running Jaggad’s new home ‘The Milk Bar’ in Elwood to chat to us about why he loves to ride…

Malachi recently joined Team Jaggad for a fresh challenge, to help take them to the next level in the cycling world.  His impact has been immediate, with Jaggad quickly becoming one of the most talked about cycling apparel brands in Melbourne.

Malachi tells us that Jaggad are focused on building a better way of doing things, through great kit, working with cyclists from all levels and creating a store that is more than your average bike shop.  

Check out Jaggad at The Milk Bar, 109 Brighton Road, Elwood or online.

Name - Malachi Moxon

Lives - East Kew

Dream bike - Giant TCR in Team Rabobank colours. There’s other bikes I like but the TCR is just so good, fast, stable and accelerates like nothing else out of corners.

Favourite local ride - I really like the Tour of the Burbs, it’s amazing that you can get such good riding in the suburbs of Melbourne.  I also love getting out towards and around Eltham for a 70k loop with mates.

Malachi Moxon 3

My current cycling goal is.. to keep on cycling! I’ve never ridden the Melbourne-Warnambool road race and with the 100th edition coming up next year I’d like to get involved.

When I am on the bike I… like to talk to person next to me. It’s also about relaxing, a time away from everything, just me and the bike.

How did your love for bikes come about... I’ve loved riding ever since I was a kid. Growing up in the UK, getting my first bike gave me my first taste of freedom, allowed me to leave the house and explore.

Share a cycling memory… I managed to win the St Kilda Cycling Club Championships Masters title a little while back.  I rode off the front with 30 minutes to go and somehow managed to stay away. It was a really special win for me as I was going through some life challenges, it was a really emotional experience… I’m generally not emotional but I actually teared up a bit! To prove a point I gave a ‘salute’ as I crossed the line, people seemed to like it…

The 'salute' on winning the SKCC Masters Club Championships - Photo Kirsty Baxter

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I love to ride because… it makes me feel free. The sense of adventure. It’s hard to explain, it’s that feeling you get when you first ever take your hands off the handlebars, the pleasure, adrenaline, balance… I still feel like that every time I ride.