4 Shaw - Rennen Short Finger Lightweight Gloves

4 Shaw - Rennen Short Finger Lightweight Gloves
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We've been testing some of 4Shaw's "Rennen" short finger cycling gloves for the past few weeks.  If you are after some new gloves, these super lightweight racing gloves are a great place to start.  They are so light and comfortable you'll forget you are wearing them!


4Shaw are now a well recognised brand in the cycling world.  You can't go far without seeing a pair of 4Shaw socks... The range is expanding with offerings including t-shirts, gloves, bidons, watches, bags and more. 

4Shaw was created by Dion Shaw. Dion lives, breathes and dreams cycling. He was the 2013 Expert XC National Champ here in Australia, so in other words, Dion know good kit and he knows riding. He set out to build a brand which matches sharp styling with riding functionality.

4 Shaw should not just be known for their socks . We are always excited at La Velocita to see what Dion and his team will do next.  This week we are testing 4Shaw's awesome and super lightweight "Rennen" short finger gloves.  We've been hitting the road with these gloves for a few weeks now and they have quickly become our go to glove for morning rides.

These gloves are not just light.  They are like a feather.  5 minutes into a ride and you won't know they are there.

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We've worn these gloves for around 800km and they still look as good as new.  We've even thrown them in the washing machine on the 'regular' cycle (sorry agaist instructions Dion) and they have come out looking great.

If they are anything like the other 4Shaw kit we have, the Rennen gloves will be with you for a while.


Light. Light. Light. Super comfortable.  Easy to get on and off. Get the job done.  Do you need more than that?

These are race gloves.  With close to zero padding they are not designed for the touring cyclists out there.  They also provide no protection from the weather.  The gloves give good grip and despite the thin material will actually save your hands for a while.

The amazing thing we found about the Rennan's they feel they give you.  You are connected to the bike.  You don't feel like you are wearing gloves, a big plus in our book.  

They also have a hand towel section to wipe your nose, handy if it's that kind of day.


Five sizes XS, S, M, L, XL


Well priced at $40.00


Want lightweight, good quality gloves at a reasonable price?

Head to 4Shaw to check out the Rennen short finger gloves now!