The Weekly Rider - Andy van Bergen
Image - Jeff Curtes

Image - Jeff Curtes

Andy van Bergen is the Weekly Rider! Cycling has a lot to thank Andy for... Hells 500, Everesting, Ol'Dirty, climbing, exploring, pushing new limits and of course his work at CyclingTips. 

We spoke with Andy about why he loves to ride.

Name - Andy van Bergen

Lives  - Melbourne

Dream bike - I'm on it currently! (S-Works Tarmac) although I am building a beautiful Nagasawa track bike at the moment which I've always wanted

Favourite local ride - Anything northeast of the Dandenongs

My current cycling goal is... I have a little date with a 400km / 10,000m 'Hells 500 epic' ride this summer

When I am on the bike I... try to look around if I'm not furiously chewing bartape.

Image - Kirsten Simpson

Image - Kirsten Simpson

How did your love for bikes come about - My little sister convinced me that there was more to cycling than commuting, and it only took one very memorable introduction to the power, speed, and ease of riding road bikes to grab me hook, line, and sinker. From that moment more than a decade ago it has now become my passion, my job, and my project.

Image - Nigel Welch

Image - Nigel Welch

Share a cycling memory - I was about as deep into the pain cave that you can get on one of our Hells 500 'epic rides' a few years back. Seriously suffering like I haven't before (and not much since).

Less than 5km from the finish of the ride my wife and sister drove up alongside me to offer some moral support. I begged them to take me, and even got off the bike. Less than 5km, and I couldn't care less that I was going to fail that close.

Thankfully they knew just the thing to do: laugh, and drive off. I can't imagine how deep the regret would have been pulling out at that point - not that they would ever allow it anyway!

I love to ride because - I generally feel like I'm 10 years old on a BMX again. Those times were about riding in summer with your mates, discovering new places, and pushing boundaries in terms of what you could do on the bike, and where it could take you.

That smile you might catch when you see me on the bike? Bear with me, because that's just me imagining I'm on the way to the milkbar to pick up a couple of Redskins and a bag of freckles.