The Weekly Rider - Philip Natividad

Philip Natividad is the Weekly Rider! From commuting to work on the bike... through to Everesting he loves to ride. 

He has also taken on the challenge that many of us have to manage... balancing his love for riding with work, family and life.

Name – Philip Natividad

Lives – Melbourne

Dream bike – My 2007 Caad8 Optimo raw aluminium.  Just over a year ago I was lucky enough to purchase this frame and I have slowly built it up with carefully chosen components that were mainly from the same era. 

Whoever designed this frame knew what they were doing and I’ve since sold all my other road bikes because they were gathering dust.


Favourite local ride – Wednesday Early Dutchwell No drop Energetic Spin Down Around Yonder aka WEDNdESDAY ride with my Dutchwell crew.  The ride starts in Yarraville for a hot lap around Williamstown, then to Kensington for a few short uphill sprints before finishing at North Melbourne for coffee.  It’s a great way to break up the working week and also to plan for the weekend ride or next epic adventure.

My current cycling goal is – It was actually The Climbing Cyclist's Dirty Dozen at Warburton.  This was an event that I signed up to with much edginess.  I tried to find every excuse not to do it but I’m so happy that I talked myself into it.  Completing all 13 climbs was a real sense of accomplishment and self belief.  It also makes for a great story to tell your mates.


When I am on the bike I – I think clearer... I often find myself weighing up life’s big decisions while riding (i.e. what to cook for dinner? or sram vs shimano?).

How did your love for bikes come about – I’ve always liked riding a bike, but it wasn’t until we moved to the West four years ago where my work commute turned from 10km to 30km that I really fell in love.  At first I was surprised that I could push myself that far and from there the bug kicked in and I wanted to go further and faster.

Share a cycling memory – “Everesting the You Yangs”. I kept my Everesting attempt very quiet telling only a handful of mates.  However, by the time I was over 2,500 meters the word has gone around and I was soon overwhelmed by the support from our little cycling community.  From that point I did not do a single lap solo because the sherpas kept on coming.  I was very touched and fully appreciate their support and again I just want to say thank you to everyone who cut laps with me.

I love to ride because – Because of the life balance it provides me.  I commute to and from work to stay fit. Come the weekends I usually get up early to do a group ride and be home before 8:30am just as my wife and kids are getting up which means we still have the whole day ahead of us.