The Weekly Rider - Shane Miller

Shane Miller is the La Velocita Weekly Rider! With a list of cycling achievements longer than your arm and fresh off the back of taking out the stage 1 Masters A TT in the Tour of the South West La Velocita's Mike Boudrie spoke to Shane about why he loves to ride.  

Images supplied by Shane Miller

Name: Shane Miller (aka Lama)

Lives: Heidelberg, Victoria.

Dream Bike: A magical velocipede that upgrades itself... what's this news about disc brakes being allowed by the UCI?!

Favourite Local Ride: Anything that takes in Clintons Rd around Smiths Gully. The Mount Pleasant loop is something a little closer to home that has a bit of everything. 

My current cycling goal is: To keep pushing limits. More power, more kms, more aero, more speed... and always more bikes. 

When I am on the bike I.. Usually fear for my life... kidding... There's nothing like the feeling of railing corners on a fast mountain descent, or the push of a huge tailwind on a smooth road where all you can hear is the roar of your wheels. 

How did your love of bikes come about: I grew up in country Victoria riding bikes to school everyday, and around town with mates. Not much has changed in that respect. 30 years later I'm travelling around country Victoria racing and training with mates, and my wife. ok, so I guess a lot has changed! :) 

Share a cycling memory: Tour of Fiji 2015 - I was in a breakaway on the first stage with 17year old local rider Tony Navolo. Early in the stage he was positioned well in the bunch, responded to the right moves, and he was working well in the break.

At 15km to go and the two of us had a 2 minute gap. I told Tony that we just might make it to the finish line ahead of the others if we were lucky, he put his head down and kept riding as hard has he could.

We had a leading police escort and a support car following our break. In the support car was Tony's father and coach, Percy Navolo. Percy is the Nadi Western Cycling Association (FNWCA) president and has represented Fiji at the Commonwealth Games. He had been the driving force behind getting his son on a new bike for the Tour. A

few days later his son was doing his father and sponsors proud by being the decisive move on Stage 1 of their national Tour.

With 10km to go, Tony was feeling the effects of the heat and having to race the full 70km distance as a junior. We had enough time to drop the pace, take in some food and drink, then make one final push to the finish. Percy and crew in the follow car were helping spur Tony on as we darted though Sigatoka with our police escort clearing the way, true tour style!

With 2km to go Tony put it all on the line up the final climb. He made it to the top and launched off my wheel as soon as he saw the finish on the fast descent. What a star! That's exactly how you win bike races, and he did. On Fiji Day no less!

An emotional Percy had to lift his son off his bike, he was exhausted. Thankfully the combination of sweat and large Oakleys hid my emotions too. What a champion. Tony wore the leaders yellow jersey for Stage 2 later that afternoon. 

I love to ride because...  The places we get to ride and the people we get to meet. 

Shane is currently a part of Team THULE Australia and supported by Specialized via The Ride Cycles.