Megabake Witch Eater Bars

There's a big trend toward making your own ride snacks. You know exactly what's in there, the only issue is we don't all have enough time in our days to be cooking up a storm of energy filled goodness. This is where Megabake steps in.

Words - Kirra McDonald     Images - Megabake

How you fuel your body is a personal decision.  What works for one cyclist, may not work for the next.  For some, their stomachs are sensitive, and gels are a little bit harsh on those longer rides...  Some hate the sticky mess of gels... and then reaching into your pocket and finding a gooey mess from that last gel that you 93% consumed...

That’s me.  I am not a huge fan of gels.  I think they have their place on certain occasions, but I much prefer bars.  Having a bite of something every 20 minutes or so on long rides is what works for me, but to be honest, some of the bars out there aren't overly palatable.... In fact you attempt to eat them only to find that 47 chews later and half a bottle of water and you're still trying to get it down!!!


Megabake bars came as a pleasant surprise to me.  They are made in Brisbane, and as I am also Brisbane based I love having the opportunity to support a local small business. It is made even more easier to support something that not only provides nutrition, but is absolutely delicious!

Megabake bars are are dairy-free and also suitable for vegans. Megabake are also a small-batch maker, this helps keep the quality up there with the best. You can taste this in each bar.  Seriously.  Each bar packs plenty of energy for those gruelling days on the bike. Best of all they look like real food, taste like real food and promise to perform at a technical level that rivals their counterparts in the energy bar market.


The guys at Megabake claim that "pre and during activity, the Witch Eater Bar has been crafted with a balance of energy sources to lay down the energy required to perform".

So... I took some for a test-ride…  And lets just say, this bar isn't giving you some rubbish spiel about taking you to performance highs...  I have never felt so satisfied from an energy level point of view when out riding!  Its combination of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and cereals and minimal processing ensure that you are getting nutritous goodness in each bite of every bar.

20150607-Broken Bar.jpg

The Megabake Witch Eater Bar is the first to be developed, and I must say, is going to be a stable in my cycling cupoard!  I did not feel like I'd just eaten a plastic wrapper full of chemicals.  I actually found myself looking forward to the point in my ride where I can reach into my back pocket and pull out my Witch Eater bar..  wearing extra small jerseys, i'm somewhat limited on pocket space. The bars are flat and compact and fit really nicely. 

I have found during those work days when I am constantly on the run, throwing a trusty Megabake bar into my work bag for the occasional missed lunch... not that I am here to promote skipping meals by any means, but we have all been there where work just takes over!!!


Looks like real food.  Tastes like real food. They are real food. The packaging, is clear so you can see what you're having.  You know how much is left if you are a nibbler...  I never eat a whole one in one go, so knowing what I have left over is always handy.

20151201-Ingredients in Jars.jpg


  • 42g Carbohydrates
  • 7g Protein
  • 8g Fat
  • 15 Natural Ingredients


$3.50 per bar or $42 for a bakers dozen


Can be purchased online: or a select retailers through SE Queensland.


I really think that Megabake bars live up to their claims.  There is value in how they taste, but the energy provided is exactly what I am after when I am out on a longer ride.  I would recommend that if you are after something that is more on the natural side of energy bars thy are just one step away from making them yourself... I know that with my career as well as my cycling and life in general, I am most happy to say I don't have too much spare time for that).