2016 Shimano Super Crit

The Shimano Super Crit is back this weekend at St Kilda Cycling Club's crit circuit in Port Melbourne. If you've never been to a race you should go. If you're not a racer you should go... even if you don't ride a bike you should still go.

This is a must see event, the Super Crit takes everything to the next level and is as much a spectacle to behold as it is a bike race.


I love the Shimano Super Crit. There's nothing quite like watching a 100 rider bunch absolutely hammering past you. The noise and speed is just unbelievable. It has been a real winning initiative by the guys at SKCC and is supported by some of the best racers in the game. Gerro will be there again this year, and like many cyclists out there I have to admit to having a bit of a man crush on him.

There's a full day of racing with A,B, C & D grades and junior male and female followed but the Elite Women and Men.

Racing starts from 7.30am  on Sunday 18 December 2016, with the Elite Women starting at 11.30am for 60 minutes plus three laps, followed by the Elite Men at 1.30pm for 75 minutes plus five laps.

Find out more at www.supercrit.com.au

Check out last year's pic's for a taste of what's to come this weekend.