The Weekly Riders - Dion Shaw & The Dyad

Today is a big one! We're talking with 4Shaw founder Dion Shaw and his team, 'The Dyad', made up of Scott Bowden and Tom Goddard, two young and talented MTB riders with the world at their feet.

4Shaw has become a part of all forms of cycling. It's unlikely you'll head out on a ride and not see some of his socks... and the great designs keep on coming.

We talk with Dion and the Dyad about why they love to ride!

Name - Dion Shaw

Lives - Adelaide Australia...for now ;)

Dream bike - Anything that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye....right now am keen on a FOCUS CAYO Disc.

Favourite local ride - For the Roadie I would have to say a loop that I have been doing a bit to Fox Creek over Norton Summit and back through the Gorge. Nice and hilly 60km ride. On the MTB up Chambers Gully over to Mt Lofty then down Ewok back up to the highway and across Venison Trail and back into Burnside via Pioneer Women's Trail good 2 hour hit out.

My current cycling goal is - To ride and have fun whilst doing it.

When I am on the bike I - I use it to come up with ideas for 4SHAW and escape day to day chores.

How did your love for bikes come about - I have been into bikes from a very early age and used it for everything, fun, transport, freedom etc.

I had a bad accident on a bike at the age of 12 due to riding a fixed gear BMX down the feared 25 percent 1km climb/descent known as Saddle Road which ruined my footy playing days.

Due to not being able to exercise for 12 months I turned away from bikes and got heavily into music.  I rediscovered bikes and the love I had for them in my twenties. This may have been due to loosing my licence... but a negative turned into a positive and I have never looked back!

Share a cycling memory - Probably the most epic race that I have ever entered was a 100km MTB race that was held in the south of Tasmania. We experienced 80mm of rain during the event and it was a task just completing the course without loosing your brakes. I finished in 4th Place behind some amazing athletes such as Sid Taberlay and Nathan Earle. 

I love to ride because - One word, FREEDOM!


First up, what is a DYAD? It's something that consists of two elements or parts.

The DYAD is made up of Scott Bowden and Tom Goddard. Both hail from the home of 4SHAW in Tasmania. The DYAD specialises in MTB but also holds its own in CX as shown in 2014 when Scott and Tom both finished in top ten in the Under 23 National Championships.

Goal - to be the most approachable and professional MTB Team in Australia and have fun whilst doing so!

Name - Scott Bowden

Lives - Hobart, Tasmania

Dream bike - FOCUS Raven 29r

Favourite local ride - Channel Loop - approx. 150km with plenty of variation to do a slightly different loop every time. Lots of climbing and fairly quiet roads.

My current cycling goal is - to achieve consistent podiums in the 2014/15 National MTB Series.

When I am on the bike I... enjoy being in the outdoors - whether it be on the bush railing single track or on the ride riding a secluded climb away from busy traffic.

How did your love for bikes come about - Firstly through BMX racing. The national championships were held at a track near my house and I went to watch... and from there I was hooked on bikes. Eventually I found my way to cross country mountain biking and road cycling.

Share a cycling memory - finishing 40th at the U23 World MTB Championships as a first year after starting in 83rd position. 

I love to ride because - it allows me to travel the world, meet some amazing people, get the best out of my body and provides so many challenges which I love. 

Name - Tom Goddard

Lives - Adelaide (still Tasmanian at heart!)

Dream bike - Focus Raven 29er is my current mountain bike and with a few upgrades in the near future from SRAM it will become my dream bike. 

Favourite local ride - Fox Creek MTB trails are amazing through the pine forrest and on the road McClaren Vale loop is a must through the hills and back along the beach. In Tasmania I can’t go past the iconic Scottsdale loop with big hills and scenic vistas. 

My current cycling goal is - u/23 XCO and XCM National Championships

When I am on the bike I... am relaxed and content, whatever else that is going on in life disappears from my head and I am able to appreciate my riding environment whilst also training hard. 

How did your love for bikes come about - I was originally a runner through high school in Launceston and myself and a mate started bashing about on the local trails on old clunkers. I entered my first race which was the state championships and things snowballed from there, bikes turned out to be more fun than running!

Share a cycling memory -  Hellfire Cup in November ‘14, sharing victory and racing with Scott Bowden close mate and fellow member of the 4SHAW Dyad on home turf in Tasmania was a special few days.  

I love to ride because - you get to explore incredible areas and discover hidden gems many people would never even consider visiting, the other side I also equally enjoy is pushing your body and mind to new limits whilst racing and enjoying the feelings this brings. 

A huge thank you to the guys from 4Shaw and the Dyad! Keep an eye on them... big things are ahead!